Red Star Beef + Skyler & Co.

Review from Jason, Owner of Red Star Beef:

I worked with Skyler & Co. after a lot of frustration with two prior website developers and the experience was outstanding and even more than I expected. With Skyler's real world knowledge of running her own businesses, she was able to help me make better decisions related to my products/ services and how the website would fit my company brand and mission. If I were to give advice to anyone thinking about building an online presence it would be to save yourself the struggle and let Skyler & Co. guide you through the website maze and you wont regret it. 

Client: Red Star Beef
Project: Full Subscription Box Serve Implementation + Web Design + Full eCommerce Store 
Style: Subscription Box eCommerce Store for Meat Company based in Western Colorado
Instagram: @redstarbeef


  • Domain DNS connection
  • Full switchover from Squarespace subscription service that was already active to different platform
  • Integration of Zendesk workflow and services for better customer support
  • Research + 3rd Party Subscription Box platform implemented with 150+ active subscribers seamlessly transferred over 
  • Email List + email software integration
  • Custom Coding & Integrations:
    • 3rd party subscription box platform implemented / additional CSS required to fit colors & vibe of website
    • Additional buttons implemented for more direct call-to-action for shopper

You can see more of Red Star Beef's Website here



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