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Does the boho / refined earthy vibe fit your brand, but you're having a challenging time getting that look + feel? Have you been searching high and low for a Shopify theme, but nothing seems to fit the bill? Are you overwhelmed with all of the options in Shopify and don't know where to start in building your online store?
Well, it seems crazy, but I feel certain that we have created the perfect theme & training for you! 
I (personally) have literally gone through every.single.theme in the Shopify store and so many of them have the ability to build beautiful HOME pages, but what about all of the interior pages? 

I'm not joking when I say that every Shopify theme I've encountered requires custom coding to get that up-leveled, on-brand, beautiful meets functional look, but not this one! 

With detailed, step-by-step training videos and a gorgeous plug-and-play theme, you'll have your Shopify store up in running SO quickly!


8 pages custom coded unlike any other Shopify theme: Home, About, Gallery, Blog, Contact, FAQs, Search, & 404
Detailed Shopify Installation and Training Videos
No Coding Necessary
Sell-first / conversion based design

Absolutely zero coding experience needed!

Right when you purchase this item, you will receive a link to download the theme + links to all training videos.

The Details:

Training: From right when you download this theme, I walk you through everything (and it's a lot) that you need to do to sign up for Shopify, get your theme installed, products uploaded, collections created, and pictures plugged in.

The backend and front end of Shopify can be a little daunting. With the client's I build custom websites for, I always give them a 2+ hour training walking through every aspect of getting your store setup.

I've put all of my secret do's and don'ts into a hour customized long training video. I promise you won't regret investing in this training.

The theme itself: With this theme you get the following CUSTOM CODED items that aren't included like this in any other theme out there. The way we've coded the below items makes it so easy to create a beautiful website in just a couple of hours!

● Full Home Page with functional, sell-first layout already built. This layout is based on my industry knowledge of call-to-action and sell-first mentality. Plug your text and pictures and go!

● Easily editable About Page with tons of options to include pictures, text, product, blog pages, and more! This cannot be found in any Shopify theme page without extra coding.

● Easily editable Gallery page with ability to add tons of pictures of your work! Again, this cannot be found in any Shopify theme without extra coding.

Ability to add custom 'header pictures' at the top of your main About, Shop, Gallery, and Contact pages for a more on-brand, expensive look and feel.

● Custom font sizing & mobile optimization for a sleek look & feel

● Change logo, colors, fonts, and more at the click of a button!

● Developed on-brand check-out page with brand colors & logo.

Option to add fully optimized "Blog"!

Not included:

Shopify account - Don't have one yet? That's ok! We'll walk you through getting an account, installing this theme andddd so many other details

Screenshots of digital download available right when you purchase: